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Hire Zoom Magician

Psst! I’ve got a great idea. You should hire Noel to do a virtual magic show on Zoom or Skype! We might all be stuck indoors but celebrations need celebrating! You can’t spend your birthday cutting grass with scissors to stave off boredom, you need an injection of excitement.

The basic idea is that you book Noel for a virtual show at a time that suits you. Noel will send you a link and some other information, and you pass that on to anybody in your family or group that you want to watch the show. Make sure they’ve downloaded Zoom/Skype and are ready to roll. When it’s showtime, pour yourself a glass of wine (a small glass for kids) and gather round the laptop, tablet or iPad to have your heads blown clean off ...from hundreds of miles away!

It's a brilliant new way of seeing amazing magic - get in touch with Noel using his contact form to enquire about booking a show!

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Zoom magic: it's not just for family events

As it’s all online you can be in any corner of the world, and everyone from far away family to your work colleagues or a group of online friends can share the fun of a joint experience. It doesn’t matter if it’s just the two of you on the sofa or up to a hundred people dotted around the world. Noel's Virtually Impossible is the lockdown magic experience you didn't know you needed, until now!

It's also great corporate entertainment. Your workforce are stuck at home and they need an exciting experience to give them a lift, or a way to bring them together that's not a Skype pub quiz or a Zoom coffee morning. Why not book Noel’s Virtually Impossible? It’s the team building morale boost everybody needs.

Laughing people on Zoom taking part in Noel Qualter's online magic show

What to expect from your Zoom magic show

Noel will read your mind and show you amazing visual close up magic. It’s an interactive experience, and you, the audience, make the show! It’s funny, amazing and you’ll be talking about it for months. Noel is an award-winning magician who specialises in digital and tech magic, so you're guaranteed something completely different from any other online magic show.

Booking couldn’t be easier. Get in touch using the contact form. Once you've confirmed a time and day with Noel he'll send you a link to watch the show and you can share that link with everybody you want to join in, so if it’s a family occasion you can have people from all over the world gathering around their laptops, tablets and iPads. Noel performs for adults but if there are kids aged 8 or above they’ll also enjoy some aspects of the show.

iPad magician Noel Qualter has an ace up his virtual sleeve

What do I need for my Zoom magic show?

You’ll need an account with Zoom, a mobile phone in addition to the device you'll be watching the show on, and a piece of paper for everybody. Noel will send you more specific instructions before the show.

You can watch the show on any device but ideally you should aim to use the biggest screen you have, so you can gather around to watch and see everything that's happening. Watching the show in landscape is recommended.

If you're new to Zoom you should try and familiarise yourself with it before the show, and make sure you have the most recent version of it on your device.

How long is the show?

Virtually Impossible is a 25 minute show or a 40 minute show, however Noel can do a custom show for whatever length you need, from 5 minutes upwards.

How much do I pay?

The price depends on how many screens are watching, the length of the show, the date and time of the event, whether it's a private or corporate event and whether there are any custom aspects of the show.

If you are a company there are set prices for corporate bookings - get in touch to discuss.

Book Noel's Virtually Impossible show!

Penn & Teller review Noel Qualter's magic when he performed on Fool Us

Much of the magic done in the next 10 years will be done by people like this and using methods like this.
What you are seeing here is the future of magic.

Penn & Teller


Noel did iPad magic via Zoom at our wedding anniversary bridesmaids' party. The magic was amazing and extraordinary! Highly recommended... Thank you Noel, it was great!

Jane Anderson

Thank you for such an entertaining evening, the boys have not stopped talking about the magic all evening. Absolutely the highlight of lockdown!!

Minty Goodman

That was super incredible. Thank you!!

Harry Guthrie

Thank you very much for tonight's show. I have had lots of messages saying how much people enjoyed it!

Elisabeth Rosser

An amazed woman throws her arms in the air in amazement at one of Noel's online magic tricks
A man laughs because Noel Qualter's online magic show is really funny
A man clasps his chest laughing in amazement at Noel Qualter's online magic show